Ancestral Indigenous Philosophy of Alli Kawsay, the voice of the Mother Nature in middle of antropoceno

Mr Eduardo Erazo Acosta1

1University Of Nariño, Pasto, Colombia


The Alli Kawsay, living well-life in fullness) of the indigenous Kichwa language, is understood as life in fullness. This research is the result of 10 years of research work / accompaniment to indigenous communities in Ecuador and Colombia, located in an area higher than 2600 meters above sea level. Kichwa and Cauca indigenous communities. Living fully from an integral, holistic, harmonious vision, from the legacy of the ancestors, this worldview implies recovering the word and practices of the ancestors and that is life and care / respect for the ancestral seeds.

This ancestral epistemology refers to seeing Mother Nature Allpamama, as the center of our life as human beings. And this urgent call for respect for nature is of profound importance today in the midst of the anthropocene, in the sumak kawsay – it allows us to place in respect and return our sight to mother nature, as a center, which provides, feeds and cares.

It is important to speak of sumak kawsay in the indigenous communities, because it centers the community as a center of social interaction, passing away from the individualism of the capitalist system. In addition, good living – sumak kawsay, as a philosophy, involves addressing the social, economic, spiritual, environmental, and educational dimensions.

Spiritual, because it implies focusing on mother nature, as part of the same community. Educational, because from the indigenous family is educated in the virtues of care of respect for nature, for the welfare of the family, society as a whole.


Sociologist – Master Student Studies Interdisciplinary of Development

Research Group “Curriculum and University”University of Nariño. Pasto Nariño Colombia.

14 years’ experience of research on social movements, politics and violence in the Andean region. Emphasis on comparative politics perspective in Latin America and Europe.

Research Line: Decoloniality, migration, human rights, Andean ancestral thought, social movements and Sumak Kawsay.

Accompanying social movements and human rights in the Andean region.

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