The flooding in eight (8) villages under Kwaita block Kwali area council of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Mr Michael  Oke1

1Michael Adedotun Oke  Foundation, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeri, Nigeria

This flood affected  about  10,000  hectares of  Farmland  and  more than 500 farmers  were  involved. Besides quite a large number of crops like Maize, Rice, Cassava, Plantains, Yams, Banana, Soya beans , Cowpeas , Vegetables and other crops  were destroyed.  The  dates of the rain fall was noted as  23rd and  24th August 2018.  While there was farm visits  to the affected sites  on 25th -24th August, 2018. Pictures were taken to support findings. Meanwhile, to enable the Project determine  the extent and impact  of the damage this flood disaster wrecked on the affected communities the following field staffs swift into action by carrying out proper inventory and on the spot assessment:. It was generally observed  that,  the rain pour down heavily and persistently for more than  12 hours  which in turn adversely affected  the livelihood of the community and the farmers  in the following villages mention below in Kwaita Block   1.Kwaita    2.Pukafa   3.Eke   4.Tekpose  5.Gadabiu  6.Ashara  7.Fugbe  and 8.Wako. In- view of the above reasons highlighted  the farmers needs urgent  assistance  of  the Honourable  Minister  FCT, Agricultural And Rural Development  Secretariat  as well as the FCT Agricultural Development projects  to provide succour and timely intervention to this farmers in this farming communities to ameliorate their suffering  and pains that have be inflicted on them  by this flood menace and the paper suggest ways in which to prevent  the occurrence  of flood in the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja Nigeria.


Michael is the Executive Director with Michael Adedotun Oke Foundation which  is responsible to the organizing supervisory, monitoring and evaluation of projects and has an expertise in Farm Management and extension. A Graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, with Post Graduate Diploma in Farm Management and Extension. He organized a training program on the Nutritional Rabbit Management and production technologies and has established a back yard Rabbit Projects in Abia State and have being disseminating Agricultural information to peasant farmers in Nigeria and passion in improving the rural communities and wellbeing of an average farmers and the contextual write-up in some of the newspapers has made some of the rural communities to benefit and receive information about the latest technology that have transform Agricultural practices. He is International speakers that have travelled to deliver paper in some International countries.

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