Thanks to the generous support provided by the 2A4 small grants scheme ( a series of selected presentations from the conference has been made available.

Conference Highlights & Vox Pops

Conference Highlights

Vox Pops

Public Lecture

Professor Will Steffen
How fast is earth changing?
Professor Camille Parmesan
Wild life and climate change: Global trends, complexities and surprises
Associate Professor Gretta Pecl
Marine climate change in Tasmania
Professor Stephen Williams
Species on the Move in rainforests of the Australian Wet Tropics World Heritage Area
Dr Tero Mustonen

Invited Speakers

Associate Professor Michael Kearney
Lightning Plenary Speaker
Professor Hugh Possingham
Keynote Speaker
Dr Tero Mustonen
Keynote Speaker

Conference Presentations

Species on the Move

If you would like more information about the outcomes of Species on the Move 2016 or plans for the next Species on the Move Conference please contact Associate Gretta Pecl.

The next conference is likely to be in 2019 at Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Conference Managers

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